Current Favorites | Spring 2017

I haven't been on the favorites bandwagon as of late. I stopped doing monthly favorites because I felt like every time the end of the month rolled around I was scrambling to figure out what new things I had been using during the past month and I felt like mentioning the same products that had actually been my favorites had gotten a bit repetitive. I've decided to do my favorites whenever I feel like I have enough new things to share with you all and instead of it just being beauty-related, I'm going to branch out and include other things that I've been loving that are more lifestyle related. 

A Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion ~ In my quest to read for pleasure more often this year, I bought a load of books at the beginning of the year. One of which was The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, who is easily my favorite writer of all time. I personally like non-fiction more than fiction because its easier for me to read and stay engaged. Although this book is pretty sad (it's about the death of Didion's husband), its beautifully written and really interesting insight into her home life with her daughter and her husband.

Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk ~ It's no secret that I am a Glossier fangirl (read: freak). Since the majority of my makeup/skincare routine mainly consists of Glossier products it took a lot for me to only pick one product that has been a serious favorite from the past couple months. I wrote a whole review on the Glossier Cloud Paints about a month ago and since then they have basically become the only blush that I wear on an everyday basis. Dusk has been a real standout for me because it looks gorgeous on its own or mixed with the other colors (especially Puff and Haze), but it also can be used as a really subtle contour/bronzer shade for fair skin or even a very subtle eyeshadow. 

PF Candle Co. Black Fig Candle ~ I have a candle on the go pretty much all year round and while I am always drawn to very woody, masculine, and spicy scents sometimes they feel a bit too much for the warmer months. PF Candle Co (which is my go-to candle maker) recently released a Black Fig candle, which is incredible. It has a very woodsy base but because it is a fig scent, it has some lighter, fruity notes that help to balance this candle out to make it more appropriate for Spring and Summer. 

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum ~ My approach to makeup recently has been incredibly minimal, as in most days I barely wear anything on my skin, a bit of blush, some Glossier boy brow through my brows, and then mascara. When I do wear eyeshadow though I always go for a single eyeshadow, and that almost always comes in the form of a cream eyeshadow because they are so easy to apply and require no brushes. The Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes are one of my favorite cream eyeshadow formulas because they are super lightweight and have an almost mousse-like texture and because of the shimmer and the texture of the shadow, they almost look glossy on the lids. I love the shade Platinum, which is a neutral-toned taupe that can be worn either during the day or for a night out. 

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 ~ I've been getting back into photography, especially analog photography, a lot more lately. I've had the Fujifilm Instax camera for about a year and a half and while it isn't the best quality polaroid camera on the market, it's a great option if you want to take polaroids for fun. Since I've been taking a lot of weekend trips with friends during the past couple months, I've been taking this camera along with me and it's been really nice to take pictures with friends and have a tangible photo immediately.