A Bedroom Refresh

As part and parcel of moving back to San Francisco, I moved back in with my parents into my childhood bedroom. I absolutely love that room. When my parents did a massive renovation on the house about eight years ago, my sister and I got to move into separate rooms and our parents let us pick out most of the details of the design of the room from the bed frame, to the wall color, to the lighting fixture. Because of all of that this room has always felt like mine, rather than a room that my parents designed for me. While I love the major aspects of the room, it felt weird to be 22 and be living in a room that had been reflective of my teenage self. In other words, it was due a refresh. 

I started the whole refresh with my bed, I had my old bed frame since I moved into this room and while it was a nice one, I wanted something a bit more minimalist and modern. I luckily already had an IKEA Malm bed frame from my apartment in college and just decided to swap out my old one for this one. I also replaced the bedding with this duvet cover set from Urban Outfitters, again to go along with the more modern aesthetic. After moving back from college I had my full book collection so I rearranged my bookshelf above my bed to be color coordinated because its just so darn pleasing to look at. 

My bedside table was due a rejig so I bought a new frame and put some of my favorite polaroids in it. I also bought this dreamy Boy Smells candle, which not only looks great but smells incredible, it's making me very much look forward to autumn. I also invested in an Echo Dot, which has replaced my rather outdated and clunky iPod speaker/alarm clock. 

It wouldn't be a bedroom post if it didn't include my cat bailey. I've had this Papasan chair for five years or so and I replaced the throws I have hanging over it just to make that space look a bit more pulled together, but still cozy. Clearly Bailey thinks its a cozy spot. 

One of my favorite corners of my room is where I have my guitar and amp. Not only do I think they add a lot to the room in terms of looks, but I like having them be front and center so I remember to actually pick up my guitar and play it on a regular basis. I also bought this 2018 calendar of 60s rock posters from the Summer of Love exhibit at the deYoung Museum. 

The final and biggest part of this bedroom refresh was replacing my desk. I previously had a huge desk with a giant hutch that took up a huge portion of the wall. While it was a functional desk, it got cluttered really easily and I no longer needed a desk quite as big. I opted for the IKEA MICKE desk, which is super simple but actually can store a lot. I love how much getting a new desk has changed the whole feeling of my room. It also opens up the opportunity to start putting together a gallery wall, which I will definitely write a blog post on once it is finished!

My Month in Film | July 2017

Overall July has been a pretty amazing month. The month started with a pretty incredible post-graduation trip to Mexico, which was all-in-all the most relaxing vacation I've been on. The rest of the month was pretty exciting too with finishing moving back to San Francisco and getting settled back into city life. I feel like this month flew by and before we know it it's going to be fall.

Walking around downtown with a friend I saw this tiny old building sandwiched between two big buildings, I don't know why it caught my eye so much but I absolutely loved it.

The Castro theatre is one of the best (if not the best) movie theatre in San Francisco. They regularly screen old movies and do sing-a-longs, which people get really involved in. I'm definitely looking forward to going to their screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show around Halloween this year.

Went over to Golden Gate Park with my boyfriend and sister and snapped a shot of Donut World, which is a kind of grimy (but not gross) and super cheap donut shop nestled right in the inner Sunset. It's places like these that remind me that while San Francisco has changed a lot while I've been in college, there are little corners of the city that hopefully will never change.

Went up to the observation deck at the DeYoung Museum after seeing the Summer of Love exhibit. I would definitely recommend seeing the exhibit if you'll be in San Francisco during the summer and it's definitely worth making a trip up to the observation deck afterwards to get some pretty incredible 365 views of the city. 

Wandering around Green Apple Books in the Inner Sunset with my new and beloved leather jacket from Madewell.

Walked down Dolores Street to meet some friends at Dolores Park. I love walking down Dolores during the summer because its one of the few parts of San Francisco where it actually feels like a quintessential California summer with the palm trees and sunshine. 

A gorgeously sunny day at Dolores Park. 

Laying on the grass in Dolores park wearing a very typical "me" outfit: Ray Bansleather jacket, white tshirt, and Levis

I feel like July has been the month of taking walks. Where I went to school there weren't many places to just go and take a nice walk, but now that I'm back in a city where there are tons of great places to take walks I've been taking full advantage of it. This particular walk was out at Land's End on a clear enough day to see the Golden Gate Bridge. 

One of my favorite coffee shops is the Mill, a place where I have been spending a lot of time this month brainstorming content for the blog.

Had a really fun day with one of my best friends wandering around North Beach. All of the juxtaposing architecture is one of my favorite aspects of that neighborhood. 

We also wandered over to Jackson Square, which is right next to North Beach, and is easily one of my favorite neighborhoods. It is one of the oldest neighborhoods in San Francisco and because of it has some really amazing brick buildings that remind me of the West Village in New York. 

All of this foggy weather is making me very excited for Autumn and Winter, especially autumnal clothing.