My Autumn/Winter Inspiration

I have to be honest, it hasn’t really felt much like Fall the past couple of months in California, and I’m beyond ready for sweater weather. Despite Fall and Winter being my favorite seasons, mainly because they involve lots of family time, cozying up at home and celebrating my favorite holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), I also far prefer Fall fashion to Summer fashion. A big part of that comes down to the fact that we never have particularly hot summers in San Francisco, and I have never had to become accustomed to dressing for the heat, and therefore I have always found my groove when I’m dressing for the cold, it just comes far more naturally to me. So much of what is inspiring me this Fall/Winter is pretty standard, that is to say I don’t see myself straying too far from sweater/jeans combo most days, but I am finding that I have been drawn to different textures and colors this year more than ever. As soon as October rolls around, I’m usually the first person to start wearing all-black outfits, however this year, I’ve been much more drawn to the lighter side of the color spectrum, but still keeping things autumnal. Shades of beige and burnt orange are definitely what I find myself gravitating towards this season. Also incorporating more “winter whites” or mores- “winter beiges” based looks with really nice, luxe-looking textures have been far more interesting to me than the all-black outfits I’m usually drawn to.


Current Inspiration | Winter 2018

I wrote about feeling super motivated about my blog at the beginning of the month, and part of that comes down to being inspired by a lot of the content that I personally have been consuming over the past couple of months. Not only am I feeling inspired by other blogs that touch on the same general topics that I do, but also other artists, museum exhibits, and music have been feeding in a great deal to how I’m feeling and where I feel my aesthetic going in the future. 

Instagram I think will always be the place where I consume the most content and it is certainly the place where I get the most inspiration from. Part of that is the sheer ease of being able to follow so many people on one platform and now that the app has the collections feature, I can save the stuff I want to look back on. I always find a lot of inspiration following other bloggers on Instagram, but lately I've been equally as enamored by the feeds of certain photographers and brands.   

Credit: Quentin De Briey 

One of the best photographer accounts I started following is Quentin De Briey, who I found through this video with Lizzy from Shot From The Street and Liv from What Olivia Did. His imagery is absolutely incredible and is very much in line with my aesthetic. Because he is a photographer I not only get inspired by what the various models are wearing, but also by the photography itself, which in turn inspires how I take photos for this blog. I love how most of his work, whether it be commercial or personal is done with film and how he makes very modern campaigns and celebrities look completely timeless.

Credit: Madelynn Furlong

One of my favorite fashion bloggers of all time is Madelynn Furlong, otherwise known as Wide Eyed Legless. Her content and style is always completely on point and while I love reading her blog, I have especially been into her Instagram the past few months. The way she edits her photos is incredible and perfectly minimalist, and her outfits, of course, are absolutely my cup of tea. She also rebranded recently, so her main Instagram is where she shares all of her own photographs and outfits, whereas her wideeyedlegless account documents her inspiration and serves as a mood board. 

Credit: Chris Sturm

Chris is a Bay Area based photographer who I found through Christine on YouTube. Unlike Quentin De Briey, Chris' content is much more focused around lifestyle, coffee, and portraiture. He also mainly uses film for his photography, which is obviously hugely inspiring for someone like me who loves shooting film rather than digital. I love the moodiness of his photography and how much his images capture how he is feeling at the moment. The way he plays with color is also hugely inspiring; the way he captures tonality and finds color schemes in everyday objects is absolutely beautiful. 

Credit: Fashion Gone Rouge 

Fashion Gone Rouge is one of my absolute favorite mood board-like Instagram accounts. It is put together by the blogger Deborah Rosa and much of the account pulls from fashion editorials and brand campaigns from the major fashion houses. In other words, the imagery is incredibly dreamy. The way that the account is put together is beautiful and very much informs how I think about the color and silhouette of my outfits. Deborah Rosa’s personal account is also definitely worth a look. 


While I will always look to instagram and other bloggers for inspiration, I also am very into art and going to museum exhibits, which often inform both my aesthetic and how I take pictures. One of the best exhibits I have seen recently is the Walter Evans exhibit at the San Francisco MoMA, which I briefly mentioned in my latest month in film post. Walter Evans was most famous for his portrait work, and while he wasn’t at all involved in fashion photography, the grittiness and the real ness in his photographs really inspired me to take more street photography both of myself and of others. If you are in San Francisco and are at all interested in photography, the exhibit is definitely worth a visit!