Currently Listening To | Winter 2019

I have to admit, for the past few months I have been in a funk with music. I have, since early childhood, always loved listening to music, largely thanks to both of my parents incredible taste in music. While I love a wide array of genres, I have a tendency to discover new music to listen to, listen to it to absolute death, and then get sick of it. I’ve also found myself listening to podcasts more and more during my commute than music, which has made . Right before Christmas though I took a long walk and put on my Tastebreakers playlist on Spotify, which is essentially a playlist that Spotify makes at the end of the year compiling any music from artists or genres that you usually don’t listen to, and it was honestly one of the best playlists I’ve listened to recently. It also made me realize how much I missed discovering new music and seeking out new music to listen to. So in an effort to do so, I have posted my favorite songs as of late below! Hope you all enjoy!