My Month in Film | September 2017

I know it's cliched but I cannot believe that September is over and it is officially autumn! It's something I'm very excited about, but it is crazy just how fast this summer went by considering how much has happened in such a short period of time. September was a pretty busy month, I've been working a ton and have been loving every minute of it, but that also means that I don't have as much time to go out and about in the city. I love these images and while they aren't the most exciting, they are representative of the quieter moments during an incredibly busy month. 


This photo is blurry, which bummed me out but I had to mention that Brad and I went to Petit Crenn earlier in the month. It was the hottest day of the year and it was absolutely miserable weather but the food was insanely good. I would highly recommend going if you find yourself in San Francisco willing to spend some $$ on a really nice dinner. 


While I haven't had too many free weekends this past month it's been so nice to just go on a walk on a Saturday morning and get coffee, my favorite coffee shop being Four Barrel on Valencia (pictured here). 


Wandering through one of my favorite wooded parts of Golden Gate Park to shoot some content!


Getting so excited about the cooler weather and the leaves changing color, I just can't shut up about it.


One of the film shots Brad took in the midst of shooting part of the Transitional Pieces blog post that went up last weekend.


Most of our down time has been spent going on walks, which is something I missed so much about living here. We walked around Ocean Beach and the western part of Golden Gate Park by the windmills one morning. It's easily one of the best hidden gems in the city. 


The Divisadero Art Walk happened earlier in the month, and while the art walk itself was somewhat lackluster, the trip to Bi-Rite for ice cream was not. 


Spent a lot of time walking through Hayes Valley this month and looking in at all the amazing shops in the neighborhood.


Brad was particularly proud of this outfit (as was I) and insisted I document it on film. 


I picked up a few bits from MAKE Beauty, a brand I have been curious about for a while now and I am thoroughly impressed. I got the lipstick in Scarlet and the Defining Mascara, which I will talk more about it an upcoming blog post. I definitely want to buy more from the range!


I have a weird obsession with the BBQ sign from 4505 next to the auto garage along Divisadero. 


Alamo Square park was recently renovated and I finally took the time to go and see it. While this is such a touristy destination, the area surrounding it really isn't but is completely worth wandering around in.


Felt like a very cliched version of a French girl walking around the city with my bread in hand wearing a Breton stripe shirt. 


Brad and I went to the Big Book Fair put on by the SF Public Library at Fort Mason one Sunday and while we didn't find any books we had the best time just walking along the Marina Green and people watching. 


I got a new Eames Vortex style chair for my desk and it has made me want to sit at my desk so much more. I am definitely working bit by bit on making small changes to my room, which I will most likely update you all on in an upcoming post. 


One of my favorite intersections (weird thing I know) at Church and Market on a sunny morning.