My Month in Film | October

This installment of my month in film series is coming to you a bit late because of two reasons, first off being that my camera broke around mid-October, which then meant that I had to re-order a new camera and quickly shoot a roll of film within a weeks time in order for it to be truly considered a month in film of October. To be honest this is more of a week and a half in film but I think it'll do just fine (hope you lot agree). October was an interesting month, I've been working non-stop, which I love but it also has meant that I have very little to do outside of work that is worth photographing. That being said, October is easily my favorite month out of the year since it really starts to feel like Autumn in California, its the month of my sister's birthday (who just turned 21!), Brad and I celebrated our anniversary, and of course Halloween! 


In an effort to get back into reading this month I started Orlando by Virginia Woolf, who is easily one of my favorite writers ever. While it isn't the easiest book to read, the writing is gorgeous and the plot is so incredibly complex and unique. It's not a super fast read but I would highly recommend it!


I took this shot on my way back home after work. One of my favorite parts about this month in film series is being able to show you all my favorite parts of San Francisco. Elixir is one of my favorite bars and if you are into whiskey I would definitely check it out, they literally have hundreds to choose from!


Bought three polishes from J. Hannah earlier in October and have fallen in love with them. I got Blue Nudes, Himalayan Salt, and Ghost Ranch. While the formula doesn't quite compare to Smith & Cult, the shades are incredibly sophisticated and unique. In fact, I've never been complimented on my nail polish as much as I have when I've worn Ghost Ranch 


I've been wearing these wide leg pants endlessly this month and they've really broken me of my compulsive denim wearing habits. 


For some reason when it gets cold here I am always drawn to the Victorians in the city. Not only are they incredibly gorgeous from an architectural standpoint but they always look very festive, and like they are ornate gingerbread houses. 


I don't know why I was so drawn to taking pictures of bars this month. However, Orbit Room is another one of my favorite more neighborhood/relaxed bars in the city. They also make a great G&T that won't completely break the bank. 


Wore this outfit to work and my co-workers said it looked very Diane-Keaton-in-Annie-Hall-esque, which is both very kind of them and pretty much the best compliment I could ever hope to receive. 


Brad and I went to Absinthe for dinner on our anniversary. I think it's an absolute classic in the realm of San Francisco restaurants and if you want weird but wonderful cocktails, this is the place to go. 


Had to pull over while I was driving because this shot just seemed too good to pass up. I love the moodiness of shooting film during gloomy weather and Sutro Tower is always photo-worthy in my books.


One of the highlights of the month was easily my parents finishing the kitchen in our house. We had been sans kitchen for about 4 months and it has been a very welcome change to eat something besides cereal for breakfast and takeout for dinner (first world problems). This oven has also already been exposed to some marathon baking sessions!


Bailey, whose fur coincidentally blends in the floor, is also very much enjoying the new kitchen. 


I've been cutting down on coffee the past month, which has basically just meant that I have been frequenting Samovar, where they have THE best chai, more than is considered a normal amount. 


I wasn't joking about being obsessed with Victorians, now was I?


I've also been obsessed with this cashmere cardigan from Everlane and have worn it several times since I got it. Ever since Lizzy Hadfield mentioned wearing cardigans as a top rather than another layer, I have absolutely loved the idea and how they look. 


This is without a doubt my favorite shot from this month. It had rained the night before and when the sun rose the clouds broke in the most picturesque way!

My Favorite Denim

It's no secret that I am obsessed with denim. I wear denim almost every single day on my bottom half and, because of that, I have really narrowed down what I look for in a pair of jeans. My all-time favorite jeans have to be vintage Levi 501s, and while I did write an entire blog post detailing my tips on finding the perfect pair of vintage 501s, I wanted to talk about the jeans that I love that are readily available for you all to go and buy should the denim-buying mood strike you. 


With the rise in popularity of vintage 501s, Levi's has done a phenomenal job at trying to recreate the integrity and silhouette of their iconic vintage denim. That is definitely the case with their Wedgie Fit jeans. These jeans have a slimmer silhouette than 501s, however they maintain the vintage look with their rigid denim, high waist, and tapered leg. The Wedgie Fit jeans are some of the best jeans to get into if you are a die-hard skinny jeans wearer but want to get more into wearing straight leg jeans. I have a few pairs of these and I foresee myself wearing the dark indigo wash a lot during the fall and winter. 


Up until about a few months ago I only would wear straight, skinny, or boyfriend fit jeans. The thought of wearing a bootcut or a flare jean brought back some not so pleasant sartorial memories of wearing low rise bootcut jeans as a kid in the early 2000s. I had seen images floating around on Pinterest of bloggers wearing flared jeans, and while they looked incredible I doubted how they would look on me. However, the Madewell Cali Demi-Boot jeans have changed my opinion on flared jeans for the better. I have a pair of these jeans in a typical denim blue wash with a frayed hem, but the washed black with the exposed button fly pair are my favorites. These jeans are relatively skinny fitting over the thighs but have a gradual kick flare starting below the knee. Because they are slightly cropped as well (they hit just above my ankles and I am 5'6 for reference) they make for a very versatile piece, if you find yourself struggling to find a flared jean that goes with a variety of shoes. 


Last but not least is the newest pair of jeans to my collection, however they have quickly become my favorite skinny jean (and believe me I've tried my fair share). Everlane launched their denim about a month ago now and like everything the brand does, every step of making this denim has been done in an ethical and eco-friendly way. These jeans are 98% cotton so they have an incredible structure to them and don't feel like super stretchy jeggings, which I absolutely hate. While these are definitely a skinny jean they aren't skin tight so they don't have that sprayed-on look that so many skinny jeans nowadays have. Considering these are $68, they are also some of the best quality jeans (they sit up there with Levi's in my books) I have since they are made of Japanese denim, which is pretty much the gold standard in the denim world. 

What are your favorite jeans?