My Month In Film | January 2019

Here we are back on our regular scheduled programming for my Month in Film posts! January felt like the longest month ever, as it usually does. It’s always such a weird month because, on the one hand, the start of the start of the new year always invigorates me and gets my creative juices flowing again. However, on the other hand, January can also be a pretty dreary time of year because the holidays are over, and the novelty of winter can begin to drag and wear on you. Despite the fact that I am excited that January is over, the overall slower pace of last month did give me a lot more time to recharge and to thing of content ideas and just generally make me feel more introspective and creative. Before we know it, spring will be here so I’m trying to make the most of all of the wintery things I won’t be able to do later on this year.


Currently Listening To | Winter 2019

I have to admit, for the past few months I have been in a funk with music. I have, since early childhood, always loved listening to music, largely thanks to both of my parents incredible taste in music. While I love a wide array of genres, I have a tendency to discover new music to listen to, listen to it to absolute death, and then get sick of it. I’ve also found myself listening to podcasts more and more during my commute than music, which has made . Right before Christmas though I took a long walk and put on my Tastebreakers playlist on Spotify, which is essentially a playlist that Spotify makes at the end of the year compiling any music from artists or genres that you usually don’t listen to, and it was honestly one of the best playlists I’ve listened to recently. It also made me realize how much I missed discovering new music and seeking out new music to listen to. So in an effort to do so, I have posted my favorite songs as of late below! Hope you all enjoy!

My Month in Film | November & December 2018

I’m back with another catch up film post! As I mentioned in my last film post, I fell a tad behind during the last quarter of the year with my month in film posts, but after this post I will officially be caught up and the month-to-month posts will resume starting with my January month in film which I will have for you all in about a week’s time! November and December were probably the busiest months of my year, as work is always especially busy during that period. Despite the busyness, however, I was able to really hone in my ability to feel recharged on my days off, which is a huge feat for me considering I spent the majority of 2018 feeling burnt out and depleted. I largely credit this to taking long walks, generally being more active, and spending less time in front of screens (although this is still definitely a work in progress). As you will probably notice, most of these photos are direct results from those long walks.


My Month in Film | September & October 2018

First off, I apologize for this post being so delayed. I was so on track with my months in film so it’s a tad disappointing that I have fallen behind, but as of now I think I’m back on track and by February we should be back with our regularly scheduled programming for these posts. The reason why this post is so delayed is two-fold: part of this tardiness is down to the fact that during the last few months there hasn’t been much to document because I’ve been so busy with work and just trying to switch off when I do have time off, the other part of this is down to my camera having an odd issue with the lens cover on my Olympus Mju-ii, which makes me not want to carry it around with me all the time like I used to, and therefore have had less opportunities to take random shots in my day-to-day life. With all that said, September and October were two somewhat difficult months, but Brad and I made some nice weekend getaways which really helped to properly switch off and recharge.