The Intentional Wardrobe

I'm just gonna put it right out there, I don't believe in the capsule wardrobe. I'm fully into the central idea of the capsule wardrobe that your wardrobe should be as edited as possible, however I personally will never do a capsule wardrobe because of where I live. Because I live in California, Northern California no less, there aren't concrete enough seasons to justify having separate wardrobes for each season. For example, during the month of September alone it can go from being 80 degrees one day to being full-on cold fall weather. For me it just doesn't make sense to tuck away a good portion of my wardrobe when the weather can turn on a dime.

With all that said, I've narrowed down my wardrobe philosophy that is best described as an intentional wardrobe. The logic is very similar to the capsule wardrobe in that I regularly edit the pieces in my wardrobe to the point where I have a collection of clothes that are easy to style together and I'm never left with that "I don't have anything to wear feeling in the morning". Also when it comes to buying clothes I am much more rigorous with myself and make sure to only buy pieces I know will last a long time and will fit into the wardrobe that I already own. I have made the mistake one too many times of buying something and never wearing it because it just doesn't fit with the other pieces I own. I feel like the capsule wardrobe has the right idea in editing and focusing a wardrobe, I just don't find it necessary to restrict myself so much by the seasons and the weather (although for people that live in places where there are distinctive seasons I can see why the capsule wardrobe is appealing). I also enjoy bringing in pieces that are for a different season and reworking them with another piece so that it works for the weather. For example, I have a black slip dress that is amazing for warmer weather but because it is short enough, I can tuck it into jeans during the cooler months and layer a turtleneck underneath it so it works as a more wintery piece. All in all this approach to thinking of my wardrobe methodically and with a stronger direction has really helped me hone in my personal style and keep me from buying clothes just for the sake of buying clothes.

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