How My Makeup Philosophy Has Changed

I'm sure you've noticed if you've been reading this blog for a decent amount of time that the amount of beauty content on here has changed somewhat dramatically. This used to be an almost exclusively beauty blog and that has changed partially because I have been consuming a wider variety of blog content and feel inspired to expand what I blog about, but it is also because my approach to makeup has been different for about the past year or so. I still absolutely love beauty and I don't think I will ever not be interested in makeup.

The main source of this change has mainly centered around that my beauty buying habits have changed majorly. A few years ago, I was almost solely interested in buying makeup just for the sake of buying new makeup, which I don't regret at all because I genuinely enjoyed trying new makeup. To be honest, new beauty launches just get me less excited because I'm not as interested in makeup trends. I think this really is down to the fact that I have honed in my style more than ever this past year, and that includes my makeup style. But I think that's ok, everyone goes through stages of experimenting with their style and I definitely did when I was in my late teens. Now that I have a clearer vision of what I like and who I am I don't feel the need to stray from that.

This isn't all to say that I don't enjoy buying beauty products anymore, because I absolutely do and I think I always will. I think it's more that I am excited to buy things that really speak to my personal taste than I am excited to buy a product just for the sake of it being new. That's why I get so excited about Glossier launches in particular, because the brand's aesthetic is exactly in-line with my own aesthetic. Taking a more minimalist approach to buying makeup has also made me more streamlined in my beauty routine every day and I find myself experimenting the most with makeup for a night out or a special event, which I have really enjoyed because it means that I get ready faster on a daily basis, but when I do experiment or play around with makeup its more special because it doesn't happen on an everyday basis.

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