Five Instagram Accounts I've Been Loving Lately

It's no secret that I love Instagram, it's easily my favorite social media platform and I admit that I spend way too much scrolling through my feed than I probably should. While I do like following my friends and people that I know in real life, following content creators on Instagram serves as a massive source of inspiration for me both in terms of lifestyle and fashion (something that I spoke a lot about here). As a result, I follow a lot of accounts on Instagram, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites as of late.

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Double3xposure ~ Reese is a 21 year-old Atlanta-based blogger who runs one of my favorite fashion-based Instagram accounts. Her style is very much in-line with my own and I love how she plays with silhouettes. Reese incorporates a lot of vintage clothes in her outfits which I absolutely love. While she does have impeccable style, she is also incredibly approachable and seems so nice. Also definitely check out her Instagram stories because her dogs almost always make an appearance and they are so damn cute!

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Shot From The Street  ~ I talked about Lizzy in the post where I shared how I found my personal style. Between her blog, her instagram, and her YouTube channel, Lizzy creates some of my favorite fashion content by far. I especially love how Lizzy mixes a lot of affordable and high-end pieces because I feel like its all too often that fashion bloggers stick strictly to high end items. Lizzy's minimalist looks are definitely things that I try to emulate on a day-to-day basis but I also think its really nice to see her get a lot more experimental recently with both color and silhouettes.

The Southern Yogi ~ I've been following Morgan for about a year and a half and while I don't quite believe in #fitspo, her account really motivates me to get my bum in gear and continue to do yoga. She seriously is one of the strongest, bendiest yogis I have come across. She also has the cutest animals, Kovu and Kali. I really love watching the videos she posts to inspire some of my own yoga sequences that I do from home (although I have yet to be able to hold a handstand like she can).

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Sisilia Piring ~ I discovered Sisilia Piring through Christine's YouTube channel. She is a photographer based out of LA and mainly uses 35mm film for her photography. I'm a huge fan of film photography, which is something I'm going to explore more on this blog, and it is really refreshing to see someone on Instagram who has film content. Sisilia does a lot of fashion-related shoots in really interesting areas in and around L.A.

Bonnie Tsang ~ Last but certainly not least is Bonnie Tsang. Bonnie works as a freelance content creator and artistic director for a whole host of very well-known and cool brands. Her Instagram account is also quite possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing things you will ever lay eyes on. Bonnie posts a lot of food content that basically makes me want to go LA for weeks and stop at every place she goes to. If you want some incredibly minimalist and satisfying photography to look at I highly recommend Bonnie's instagram.

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