The Winter Nail Polish Rotation

Ever since the summer I've actually rarely been wearing nail polish. For some reason I've just been drawn to the look of bare nails and I've also love how low-maintenance not wearing nail polish is. That being said, once December rolled around I was well up for rocking a festive nail color. Being that magpie that I am, I pretty much always gravitate towards glitter during the winter and my favorite glitter nail polish for the festive season is Essie Summit of Style, which is a gorgeous bronzey gold with different sized glitter particles. I love wearing this polish either as one coat just on bare nails for a very subtle glitter or layered on top of an opaque polish. Especially for Christmas Day or holiday parties I don't think you can go wrong with a classic red and my favorite is Zoya Hannah (partially because that's my name). The color is neither too orange or too blue based, which means that it would be flattering on almost any skin tone. The final polish is a deep reddish purple, which is my staple nail polish color during the cooler months. My favorite is Smith & Cult Dark Like Me, not only is the color beautiful, but the formula of Smith & Cult polishes is one of the best I have tried. 

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