An Overseas Mascara Find

I am completely behind on the whole Asian beauty trend. It's not out of lack of interest because all of the beauty products coming out of Korea and Japan look incredible, I just haven't taken the time to research all of the different products and scout them out. However there has been one Japanese beauty product on my wishlist for a few years now and it is the Fairydrops Scandal Queen mascara. For some reason I could not find the Scandal Queen mascara however I was able to find the Platinum waterproof mascara, which appears to be almost the exact same thing. I was able to find the Fairydrops Platinum mascara on Amazon, and if you are in the US, I'd say that's probably the best place to get it from.

The Fairydrops Platinum mascara, like the Scandal Queen version, has a brush with three ball-like sections, a fiber-based formula, and is incredibly waterproof. Now if you know anything about me, you know that I am incredibly picky when it comes to mascara. It is probably the beauty product I try the most of and the one that I am most often disappointed by. And I gotta say when I first tried this mascara it wasn't an automatic love, but after a few weeks of consistent use, this has quickly become one of my favorite mascaras of all time (potentially even more of a favorite than the Covergirl Clump Crusher...which is saying something). At first I found the formula to be very wet, but after a week or so it dried up ever so slightly and made it much easier to use. The ball-like brush catches the lashes really well and the mascara formula, because it contains fibers, gives a ton of length to the lashes.

I normally am not super into waterproof mascaras because they are a pain to remove, but I am really starting to get on the whole waterproof mascara bandwagon after trying out the Fairydrops Platinum mascara. Not only does it not flake or smudge, but the waterproof formula keeps my lashes extremely curly looking until I remove it some 8-10 hours later. I love how lengthening and separating this mascara is. Although it isn't extremely volumizing, I find that because it makes my lashes look so curly and long, that makes up for the lack of volume. Overall I'd say this is a great everyday mascara (just make sure you have a good oil-based makeup remover on-hand), especially for those of you who struggle with non-curly eyelashes.

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