A No-Makeup Makeup Look for Fall

There are few things I love more than a nice fresh-faced makeup look. I love a good smokey eye and a bold lip every once and awhile, but on the whole I prefer to keep my makeup on the natural side of things. When it comes around to the colder months, even though a dark lipstick is definitely in my makeup rotation, I still rock that no-makeup makeup look the majority of the time. During the warmer months I definitely go for peachier tones, but come fall I opt for more rosy and berry tones for no-makeup makeup looks.

I feel like the most important part of a no-makeup makeup look is the base, and in many ways it is the trickiest to achieve. My favorite super natural looking base of the moment is the Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint (a more thorough review of the Glossier Phase 1 set will be coming next week). It doesn't provide much coverage at all but it does a great job at evening out redness and leaving a really natural dewy finish. I also have really dark under eye circles so I really cannot skip concealer. The most natural concealer in my makeup stash is the Glossier Stretch Concealer, which, again, doesn't have the most coverage but looks completely natural and almost undetectable on the skin.

When I do a no-makeup makeup look the only eye makeup I wear is mascara. I find that a healthy dose of mascara defines my eyes enough where they stand out, while keeping with the whole natural vibe. I have recently been using the Fairy Drops Platinum Waterproof Mascara and even though it is early days I really do like this mascara. It has fibers in it so there is some definite lengthening action, but it also gives a really nice amount of natural looking volume and separation, not to mention the fact that this mascara holds a curl better than any other mascara I have used before (most likely because it is waterproof).

As for lips and cheeks, this is where I like to bring in those more rosy and berry tones for the fall and winter. Benefit's Benetint is always my go-to when I want a really natural rosy flush on the lips and cheeks. I also love that this product is a stain so it looks very natural on the skin and really does look as though your lips and cheeks are naturally that pretty rosy color.

What are your favorite no-makeup makeup items?

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