The Daytime Red Lip

If there's one aesthetic I will aspire to for the rest of my life it's that of a cool French girl, think Françoise Hardy or Jane Birkin (yes, I know technically Jane Birkin is British but she has lived in France for most of her life so I consider her to be an honorary French girl). There's just something about their laid-back, yet pulled-together attitude towards fashion and beauty that I will always admire. To me, there is nothing more quintessentially "French girl" than a casual red lip. However achieving the perfect casual red lip is not as simple as just slapping on red lip stick and running out the door (although I wish it were that simple).

The first critical element in pulling off a casual red lip, especially for someone who is as fair skinned and prone to redness as I am, is a good base. Wearing red lipstick will draw attention to redness in your skin so it is important to try to knock that back as much as possible. However, because this is more of a daytime look you don't want to go with a foundation that is too full coverage, because that'll look far too done. My favorite foundation to wear when I wear a red lip during the day is the YSL Touche Eclat Foundation, because it is one of my more yellow-toned foundations (I wear the shade B10 fyi), it has a good medium coverage, but also looks incredibly healthy and glowy on the skin.

I also am a big believer in using a bit of blush when you wear a red lip because sometimes when you use a base and then put on the red lipstick, the complexion can end up looking a bit drained. My favorite blush to use with a red lip is the Stila Convertible Color in Lilium because it is a very natural pink tone that adds a healthy flush to the cheeks without looking to over the top. I also like that the cream formula keeps the whole complexion from looking too makeup-y. Although I normally apply blush before on lipstick, whenever I wear red lipstick I put blush on after I put on lipstick because it is easier to gauge just how much blush you actually need.

Eyes are also a critical element in wearing a casual red lip during the daytime. If there is too much on the eyes, things can start looking a bit too dramatic and nighttime, but also if there is nothing on the eyes, the whole face can look a bit unbalanced. For casual red lip days I love to blend a bit of MAC Groundwork Paintpot all over the lid and a bit on the lower lashline for some subtle definition and then use a few generous coats of Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara, which is my favorite mascara for when I want very fluttery yet natural-looking lashes.

Of course last but not least is my choice red lipstick. I have a lot of red lipsticks and I love pretty much all of them but my favorite hands-down for casual red lip days is MAC Ruby Woo. I find that it is the perfect mid-tone red shade, not too bright, not too dark and definitely somewhere between a blue-based and an orange-based red. The formula is very matte so I would suggest using a good amount of lip balm before you apply it, but that also means that it is incredibly long lasting and there is almost no need to use a lip liner or reapply very often throughout the day.

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