My Three Favorite Copper Liners

My love for copper eyeliners runs deep. I just find that with my blue eyes they are the nicest product to define my eyes (without looking too harsh) and to enhance my eye color. Most people would look at these three eyeliners and think um these look like the exact same color, but I promise they are not!

My favorite copper liner formula-wise is the Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pencil in Copper Glow. Like the name would suggest the formula is incredibly creamy and easy to smudge, but once it sets it completely stays in place all day long. Color-wise I would say that this is the best option for those of you who like darker eyeliners. The color is definitely copper but it does lean towards the darker brown end of the spectrum rather than leaning too red.

The first copper eyeliner I really fell in love with was MAC Teddy Eye Kohl. This liner has been talked about on so many occasions on so many blogs that I almost find it pointless to add my two cents in, but I will anyways. The color is a bit lighter and slightly more metallic than the Pixi option but is equally as pretty. This is also a great eyeliner if you like those really grungey eye makeup looks because boy can this stuff smudge. Again, like with the Pixi eyeliner, I find this to have really good staying power even though it does have enough give to smudge when first applied.

Last but not least is the Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet. Out of the three this is definitely the most truly copper eyeliner, as it pulls more red than it does bronze/brown. While the pencil is meant to be used as a pencil eyeshadow rather than a liner, I actually prefer to use it as an eyeliner because I don't find that the formula is quite creamy enough to blend all over the eyelids evenly. That being said it does work perfectly as a kind of haze of copper around the eyes.

What is your favorite color eyeliner?

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