My Concealer Rotation

When it comes to concealers I have tried my fair share and while I have tried a lot, very few actually impress me enough to use them on a daily basis. I also find that most concealers work on only one portion of the face really well, therefore you will often find me using at least two concealers when I'm doing my everyday makeup routine. I like to think of it as a kind of working wardrobe of concealers, each having a specific purpose.

The Concealer for Blemishes - The Make Up Forever Full Cover Concealer takes the cake for covering blemishes. You only need the tiniest amount of product to cover a blemish because the formula is so densely pigmented and opaque. I like that even though this product is really long-wearing it doesn't look dry, so it can go over spots that are healing pretty easily. This is my favorite product for pin point concealing hands down. It is important to note though that even though this concealer rocks for covering blemishes and redness, I would not recommend putting it under your eyes because I think it can be a bit too drying for that area and can look a little bit cakey.

The Concealer for Really Dark Undereye Circles - Ever since I was little I have had pretty dark undereye circles, I mainly blame it on being super fair skinned and genetics (thanks Dad!) so no matter how much sleep I get my dark circles do not budge. That's when the Bobbi Brown Corrector comes in. I use the shade Light Bisque, which is a really nice light salmon-pink color that neutralizes the blue/purple circles I get. I find that I can use this completely on its own and it looks fine but if I really want to brighten up my undereye are or just have a more flawless complexion in general I will put a normal concealer, that is less pink, over top of the corrector just for some added brightness.

The All-Rounder Concealer - Everyone and their mother has been going on about the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer for about the past year and for good reason, this concealer is awesome. I love this concealer for days where I don't need foundation but just want to even out my complexion a bit. This concealer paired with a Beauty Blender is a match made in heaven. I find that this concealer is the best concealer I've found so far that works just as well on the face as it does under the eyes. The only real downside with this concealer is the shade range, but if you are able to find a shade that works for you, I say go for it!

The No-Makeup Makeup Concealer - If there's one thing that Glossier has mastered, it's creating makeup products for that no-makeup makeup look and their Stretch Concealer is no exception. This is quite an emollient concealer, so it is best suited for people with normal to dry skin but it can work on oily skin as long as you use powder to set it. The coverage is good enough to cover redness, minor blemishes, and undereye circles but will by no means give full coverage. I love how this concealer completely blends into my skin and makes it look dewy and fresh while also evening it out.

What are your favorite concealers?

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