If I Could Only Own 3 Eyeshadow Palettes

If there's one category of makeup I have a serious weakness to it's eyeshadow palettes. Whenever a new eyeshadow palette launches I get the urge to buy it, I don't know why considering I most likely own a some very similar eyeshadows already. I feel like ever since the launch of the Urban Decay Naked palette, the market for eyeshadow palettes has been so over-saturated, and even though I love all the new launches there are really only three eyeshadow palettes that I feel like I could not live without. All of these palettes are neutral so don't be expecting any crazy neon colors up in here.

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette - I remember wanting to get my hands on this palette as soon as it came out and it was literally sold out everywhere. There was so much hype around the original Naked Palette when it first came out, but it has and always will be my favorite in the Naked palette lineup. The warm bronzey shades really suit my complexion and even though it is mainly consistent of shimmery shades, it is a pretty versatile palette (I do however wish there was just one more matte shade). The consistency of the shadows is super buttery and pigmented and I love just how accessible and wearable this palette is. I would definitely recommend this to people who are just getting into makeup and are looking to buy a good all-rounder eyeshadow palette.

Lorac Pro Palette - The Lorac Pro palette would easily be my top travel-friendly palette. Not only is the packaging very travel-friendly, as it is really lightweight and slim, but the shade and finish range are absolutely incredible. There are eight matte shadows and eight shimmery shades and they all seem to compliment each other really well. I like that even though this palette does lean warm, it is not too warm and the cool shades that balance it out could still easily be paired with the warmer shades. Also worth mentioning, the matte shades in this palette are incredibly pigmented and creamy, something that I have struggled to find in eyeshadow palettes.

Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Palette - This is my most recent addition to my palette collection and it is a beautiful one at that. I really like how this palette is laid out because the looks are almost set out for you in the different rows, which makes it very easy to navigate for a makeup beginner. I also really like that this is almost an entirely matte eyeshadow palette with a few shimmery accent shades. The pigmentation of these shadows is great. I think this palette would also be great for those day-to-night looks because it is pretty small so you could throw it in your handbag easily, it has an amazing big mirror, and there are some great dark matte shades that really can really amp up the drama for nighttime.

What are your favorite eyeshadow palettes?

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