The Glow-Getters

Spring is well and truly here and it seems like Summer is just around the corner. With the warmer months come a different approach in how I want my skin to look. That being said, no matter the month or the weather I prefer natural-looking skin over skin that clearly looks like it has makeup on it. During the warmer months I do like to dial up the glow a bit just so my skin looks extra healthy. I also have combination skin so it has taken me awhile to find a good set of products that give a good amount of glow without making my skin greasy-looking.

Pixi Glow Mist 
One of my favorite steps to add into my routine to make my skin look extra glowy is a mist. The Pixi Glow Mist is the best that I have found because it actually has good skincare ingredients to improve the skin. The formula has a nice mix of oils to give the skin that glowy healthy look without making the skin look oily or greasy. I love using this under makeup as more of a skincare product as well as over makeup as a setting/refreshing spray.

Stila Convertible Color in Lilium 
I think that one of the best ways to make makeup look natural and healthy, especially during the warmer months is to incorporate cream products. Cream blushes are naturally my pick if I want really glowy looking skin because they have a more emollient texture and don't sit on the skin like powder blushes can. The Stila Convertible Color in Lilium is one of the best cream blushes because not only is the texture beautiful and glowy, yet long-lasting, but the color is also very natural-looking so it doesn't look like makeup per se, just a really natural glowy flush.

YSL Touche Eclat Foundation 
I love me a good glowy foundation, but having combination skin, I can find it tricky to find a glowy foundation that has longevity and doesn't make me look oily after a few hours of wear. The YSL Touche Eclat foundation ticks off all the things I want in a glowy foundation. The coverage is definitely medium however it can be sheered out using fingers or a damp makeup sponge. YSL has since released a new formula of this foundation and so far I've heard good things about it, although they seemed to have increased the coverage a bit.

What are your favorite makeup products that give some serious glow?

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