The Awake Face

As a third-year college student, I am no stranger to sleep deprivation. Being on the quarter system, I seem to have midterms every other week and then before you know it its finals week. I try to get as much sleep as possible but sometimes, even when I do, I look like death warmed up. Therefore I rely on makeup to make me look a bit more awake than I actually am.

For me, the place where I show my tiredness is in my eyes, so I have to use a lot of brightening products to conceal any signs of tiredness. My favorite brightening concealer is the Glossier Stretch Concealer, because it completely covers my dark circles while still managing to look natural and brightening. I also love to use a nude eyeliner, like the Rimmel Scandeleyes Liner, on my waterline if there is any redness. I prefer a nude liner to a white liner, because it doesn't look as stark and actually tends to conceal redness better. As far as eyeshadow goes I think the best way to look awake is to use a shimmery nude or champagne color. One of my favorites is the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in Rose Gold, because not only does it take about 5 seconds to apply but the lasting power is great and the shimmer is super fine and easy to blend unlike some other shimmery eyeshadow sticks.

I know when I feel tired, the color just drains from my face, not like I really have that much color to begin with (shoutout to all my pale gals). So, for me, blush is a must when I have gotten very little sleep. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Dim Infusion is my favorite blush to use when I'm really tired because the peachy color really perks up my complexion and the subtle iridescence adds some brightness. Like my cheeks, my lips also need some TLC after a long night of studying. They're normally very dry and color-less when I'm really tired so to remedy that I put on a healthy dose of lip balm and after that has sunk in I like to use Benefit's Benetint for a very low-key rosy tint, that requires zero maintenance throughout the day.

What are your favorite products to use when you're tired?

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