A Fitness Update

I have always been an active person. When I was in middle and high school I was always in at least one sport, but being in college that organization of my fitness has gone by the wayside. As someone who gets stressed easily and struggles with anxiety, staying active is essential to me both on a physical and mental level. However, it has been extremely difficult to make time to workout and the past year or two I have found myself often making excuses to not going to the gym.

Luckily, that has completely changed in the past few months. I'm lucky enough to go to a university where we have a great Recreation Center and there are a wide variety of classes offered from restorative yoga to full-on HIIT and spin classes. I feel like I really have been finding my groove with fitness again and the main change is that I find myself wanting to make time to get a workout in. Here's a few of my favorite things that I have found in my quest for a healthier lifestyle.

My Favorite Workout Routine 
I absolutely have fallen in love with yoga over the past year. There's something about it that is so relaxing and focusing about yoga. And while yoga is also great for gaining strength and flexibility, two things which I seriously need back in my life since I stopped swimming competitively. My favorite yoga YouTube channel to follow is Yoga With Adriene. She has a lot of great videos for beginners and has two 30 day yoga challenges. I did the 30 Day Yoga Camp a few months ago and am doing it for the second time this month. I also love following Morgan, aka The Southern Yogi on instagram. I dream to be as flexible and as strong as she is one day.

My Favorite Gear 
For my birthday my lovely boyfriend bought me the Manduka ProLite Mat, which has definitely inspired me to do yoga every day. The mat is a nice thickness so it's easy on the knees and it has a good grip to it. My favorite workout pants are the Athleta Quest Chaturanga Tights, they are great for cardio workouts as they are pretty breathable. They are also seriously the best yoga pants because they are incredibly soft and fit like a second skin so you can get into any crazy poses without having to worry about your pants doing weird things.

My Favorite Healthy Cookbook 
I am not a vegan, gluten-free or sugar-free, in fact I love meat, pasta, and nutella. That being said, I do try to eat healthy when I cook for myself. One of my favorite healthy yet delicious cookbooks is the Deliciously Ella cookbook, which contains completely plant-based, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free recipes. What I love about this cookbook is that while it is super healthy, all of the ingredients are very accessible. One of my favorite recipes is the Blackberry, Apple, and Maple Crumble which tastes like it's terrible for you, but it actually made of very healthy ingredients.

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