Glossier Phase 2 Set | A Review

Into The Gloss is one of the beauty blogs/websites that I have kept up for a long time. Around a year ago Emily Weiss and her crew launched Glossier, whose ethos is all about that no-makeup makeup look and clean, natural skin. If this isn't THE brand for me then I don't know what is. In a world full of über-dramatic contour Instagram videos and overdrawn Kylie Jenner-esque lips, Glossier is a breath of fresh air.

A few weeks back the Phase 2 set was released, which includes the already-loved Boy Brow, the Stretch Concealer, and Generation G, a matte sheer lipstick. The long and short of it is I absolutely love these products and the do exactly what Glossier sets out to do: create products that work WITH skin. Onto the specifics...

If you read my blog regularly you know that I am a big fan of the Benefit Gimme Brow, however I do find the product to dry up relatively quickly and it can get a bit clumpy. To me, the Glossier Boy Brow is almost a waxier and more weightless version of the Benefit Gimme Brow. I find that this product deposits the perfect amount of color but also manages to keep my brows in place all day long. Boy Brow doesn't have fibers in it like the Benefit version, however I do think that it provides a similar look of fullness to my brows. Boy Brow also comes in a better range of shades than Gimme Brow, and I find the Blonde shade is not too warm or grey.

The Stretch Concealer was easily the product in the set that I was most curious and excited about. Glossier claims that it is a lightweight texture yet provides a good amount of coverage all while looking imperceivable on the skin. All in all I would definitely agree with Glossier on all these points. I find that this works great underneath the eyes and it creamy enough to never look dry as it wears throughout the day. I also loves how it looks on the rest of the face because it covers redness so naturally. The only downside is it can sometimes be a bit too dewy and I find using a bit of powder to set it underneath the eyes makes it work best especially when wearing eye makeup.

There are plenty of sheer lipsticks out there and I've tried my fair share of them but I think the Glossier Generation G takes the cake. A lot of sheer lipsticks have a very balmy texture and are often somewhat glossy. The Generation G on the other hand, provides a nice comfortable texture all while being completely matte. Because of the matte texture, the lipstick comes off as a nice stain on the lips. I got the shade Jam, which is a gorgeous deep berry shade that I feel like is suitable for any season. The longevity on these isn't spectacular, but compared to a lot of other sheer lipsticks it lasts for a good few hours and the stain definitely sticks around. Also I'm not too fussed about reapplying as the tube is so portable and application doesn't require a mirror.

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