How I Deal With Winter Skin

As soon as the cold air hits my normally combination skin just becomes straight up dry. Up until a year or two ago applying makeup during the colder months was my worst nightmare because my skin always looked so flaky and gross (ok I'll spare you the rest of the gory details). Despite my attempts to pile on the moisturizer, my skin still never looked quite right when I applied makeup, but what I've learned in the past year or so is that while moisturizer is important, you need to employ a few other products to combat that awful flakiness.

One product that has made a huge difference in improving the condition of my winter skin is Hyrdraluron from Indeed Labs. This serum is basically a hefty dose of hyaluronic acid, which helps to absorb water, or in other words, when you apply a moisturizer on top it stays put. This has made a huge difference in my skin because even though I used to apply a lot of moisturizer, it would all get absorbed into my skin relatively quickly because my skin was dehydrated, leaving my skin very dry and not-to-great-looking by the end of the day. I love using this during the day because while I love a good oil-based serum at night, those kinds aren't really great for makeup longevity, and I find that this feels very light on my skin, even though it is extremely effective at keeping my skin hydrated. This is definitely a serum that needs to be followed by a moisturizer though, because it does have a slight tacky feeling if you leave it on its own.

There is also nothing I love more than putting on moisturizer, my skin always feels so much more comfortable afterwards. My favorite moisturizer for the wintertime is the Origins Make a Difference + moisturizer because it provides a very healthy dose of hydration, but it sinks in relatively quickly for such a hydrating moisturizer, I find the texture light enough to use during the day, but nourishing enough to also use as a night cream.

The final product is the newest one to me. I have always been a bit skeptical of primers in general, especially because so many of them are so silicone-based, and I really do not like the feeling of very slippery feeling. However, I have heard some pretty rave reviews of the Laura Mercier range of primers, especially the Hydrating one. First of all, the texture is spot-on as it literally just feels like a lightweight moisturizer. I do find that this makes my makeup last really well throughout the day, but it also just creates such a good, smooth base to apply makeup. I also find that even though I can get a bit oily in the T-Zone, this primer doesn't make my skin any oilier, in fact I actually find that it keeps oil at bay.

All in all a good trio to keep the skin looking fresh and hydrated during those darn winter months...

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