My Favorite MAC Eyeshadows

About every two months or so I like to switch up my MAC quad, just to make sure that I'm getting good use out of all of my MAC eyeshadows since I have quite a few of them. I realized when I was making this month's quad, which is very autumn-inspired, I realized that the colors were probably my four favorite and most essential eyeshadows in my collection.

One of my favorite champagne colors for a nice wash all over the lid or a subtle inner corner highlight is Grain, this is the shade I always come back to if my eyes need a bit of brightening but I don't want to look like I'm wearing a load of shimmery eyeshadow. Patina is one of those shades that looks completely blah in the pan but, when applied, looks absolutely gorgeous. The color is a very unique light cool-toned gold shade with minimal shimmer, I think this shade is great for an all over the lid shade for subtle definition. One of my absolute favorite matte brown shadows is Charcoal Brown, which sits perfectly between not being too warm and not being too cool, and as if it wasn't perfect enough, I can use it as a brow powder as well. Probably my favorite shadow out of the bunch is Antiqued, a rich slightly shimmery red-brown, which has got that whole Mary-Kate Olson look written all over it.

And the kicker... all four shades can be worn together.

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