The Perfect Boyfriend Jeans

If there is one clothing item that I have spent the longest time looking for it's a pair of the perfect fitting boyfriend jeans. I have tried on dozens of pairs of boyfriend jeans and for some reason or other none of them ever looked quite right. I'm normally a size 27 in jeans and have wide-ish hips, which is the reason why most boyfriend jeans never looked all that great on me. Most of them were too loose or too fitted, especially around the hips and were really unflattering. However I have managed to find the absolute best pair of boyfriend jeans and they are the Torn Up Edition Boyjean from Madewell.

I absolutely love these primarily because of the fit. I got them in my usual size 27 and they fit perfectly, they are loose in all the right places but fit perfectly around the waist. They are also loose all the way through the leg so you can cuff them pretty easily without them feeling too tight. I also love the general look of these jeans. The wash is a perfect balance between a dark and a light wash. These jeans are an absolute staple if you love that kind of grungy 90s vibe. And best of all they're on sale at the moment.

What are your favorite kind of jeans?

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