An Update on Life Lately

As you've probably noticed the past few months I have been pretty absent on the blog lately. I've written posts here and there but I have not been consistent or plentiful with my blog posts. I honestly wish that I had had the time during the past few months to continue blogging because I was in desperate need of some sort of creative outlet, however I had very little spare time and most of that spare time was spent catching up on sleep.

Some of you probably know that I am a full-time college student at a pretty intense university, which is partially the explanation for my absence. For someone that has always loved school and has rarely experienced burnout, I have to say that this school year was one of the most emotionally taxing experiences in my entire academic career. Every quarter I was consistently taking a full course load, which included some very challenging and time-consuming classes and to be honest I just got overwhelmed with it all. I honestly just found balancing all of my responsibilities incredibly difficult, especially because I have always been the girl that puts my school work first.

Luckily, I have come out on the other side and I can honestly say that not blogging made me really sad. I have realized over the past few months that this blog is an essential creative outlet for me and that's why I have planned and planned so that this kind of hiatus never happens again. I can't wait to publish all of the posts I have planned and I am so thankful for all of you that stuck around during my break.


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