My Favorite Essie Nail Polishes

Essie is definitely my favorite nail polish brand, I think overall they have an amazing range of shades, the packaging is adorable, and the formula is very long-lasting. I have accumulated quite a collection of Essie polishes in the past few years so I thought I'd share my top five with you all today!

The first of the bunch is Sole Mate, which is my go-to nail polish color. It is the perfect black cherry that is completely opaque within two coats.

My favorite greige nail polish offering from Essie is Master Plan, which is almost identical to Nails Inc Porchester square. It is the perfect balance of grey, lilac, and beige. I also love pairing this polish with a silver glitter during the holidays.

Another dark polish I love is Essie After School Boy Blazer, which is a super dark navy that is almost black. I don't like wearing straight up black nail polish so this is a great substitute for black when I want to wear a really dark polish. And let's be honest, the name is sooooo cute.

I normally lean towards darker nail colors but every once and a while I like wearing a light pink and my go-to for that is Essie Mademoiselle, which is the color that Kate Middleton apparently wore on her wedding day. This color is relatively sheer, so if you want it to be opaque then it will take a good three coats. However, sometimes I like the natural sheer nail polish kind of look.

My final favorite is probably one of the brightest nail polish colors I own and that is Haute in the Heat, which came out in the Essie Summer collection last year. I'm not normally a fan of pink nail polish but I love this one because it is more of a bright raspberry color, because of how much red is in it. This color was limited edition, but Essie Watermelon is basically the exact same color.

What are your favorite Essie nail polishes?

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