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Wow it's been a long time since I've posted, and I have missed blogging so much. These past two months have been absolutely crazy with midterms, work, and maintaining a social life, and as much as I hate to say it: blogging has had to be put on the back burner. But enough excuses, I'm here today to talk through some of my favorite products from the last month and a half.

First off, I've gotten really into contouring lately, and I'm not talking the whole Kim K super contoured look, but something that is much more natural and easy to accomplish. My favorite contour shade of the moment actually comes in the form of an eyeshadow, more specifically MAC Omega, which has been a long-term favorite as an eyebrow shade, but I recently discovered how good it is for contouring. It is the perfect contour shade for pale skin because, when applied, it looks like a natural shadow, it isn't too muddy or orange. I have been loving the Real Techniques contour brush to apply this because it is both small enough to fit in the small pan and does a great job at chiseling out cheekbones.

My favorite eyeshadow palette of the moment is the Clinique Neutral Territory 2 palette, which came out early this year. It is such a great mix of colors, with varying textures and finishes. The two shades that are real standouts for me are Hazy (third darkest) and Black Honey (second darkest). Both of these look incredible swept all over the lids, and especially since we are moving into winter I see myself wearing Black Honey a lot, as it is the most perfect reddish brown color.

I never have been much of a hair oil fan for the majority of my life, but now that I am heat styling my hair constantly I definitely see the benefits of using one. The ends of my hair can get incredibly dry and damaged, but I have found that using a hair oil really helps because it nourishes the hair while also acting as a sort of barrier from heat styling. The Garnier Marvelous Oil, is an incredible hair oil because it is super affordable (I think I got mine for about $5) and it provides a healthy amount of nourishment without feeling heavy or making my hair greasy.

Finally, in the nail polish department, I have been trying to get out of my winter nail polish rut, where I basically just wear black cherry shades through the colder months. I've been opting for something a bit brighter, but something that is still suitable for the autumn/winter. One of my favorite shades to achieve this look is the Nails Inc Nail Polish in Beaufort Street, which is a really gorgeous raspberry shade, that strikes the perfect balance between a red and a pink.

What are your current favorites?

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