The Perfect Pink Lipstick

When I first got into makeup, specifically MAC, Kim Kardashian was the makeup muse of the moment and because of that über light baby pink lipsticks were all the rage. Because I was so new to makeup I fell into the trap of thinking a really light pink lipstick would look great on me; and boy was I wrong. The first MAC lipstick I ever purchased was Creme Cup, which looks incredible on a lot of people, myself excluded. There's just something about the blue undertone that makes my naturally rosy lips look really ashy and weird.

After a few failed attempts at making light pink lipstick work for me I gave up and ventured into the world of berry lipsticks, which suit me a lot more. But a few months ago I ventured into MAC with six empty containers and got MAC Patisserie lipstick, which restored my faith in lighter nude lipsticks. With my faith thoroughly restored in lighter lipstick hues and I made a point to explore some of the light peachy pinks MAC had to offer and that's when I found Peach Blossom, which is everything I could ever ask for in a pink lipstick. First off, it strikes the perfect balance between a pink, a peach, and a nude, because it is such a nice balance of all these three shades the undertone isn't too blue or too brown. (I like to think that if Patisserie and Creme Cup had a lipstick baby, Peach Blossom would be it). Secondly it isn't too light; while it is definitely a light peachy-pink, it isn't so light that you look like you have, for lack of a better term, porn star lips. And lastly the formula is perfect, because it is a cream sheen it is pretty moisturizing so it isn't matte but it also isn't loaded with shimmer.

Oh and did I mention the name is absolutely adorable!

What is your go-to pink lipstick?

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