Skincare: Going Beyond Products

I have always been a firm believer that if you have a solid skincare routine then good skin will follow. However, lifestyle also plays a huge part in the health and "attractiveness" of your skin. About a year ago I finally realized this fact fully and I have a few tips to share with you all about how your lifestyle can contribute to the clarity and health of your skin.

Everything In Moderation 
Like just about everything else in life, there are incredible benefits to doing everything in moderation and when it comes to skin that holds to be especially true. Having a good healthy diet is key to having good skin and there are a few foods that I find to be bad skin culprits so I try to eat those in moderation. Those particular foods are dairy and anything with a lot of salt. I have always been a big milk drinker but about a year ago I read something that said that milk and a lot of dairy in general can cause minor breakouts and ever since reading that I have cut down on the amount of milk I drink and it has seriously benefitted my skin and reduced the amounts of little breakouts I get. Salt is another big skin enemy, whenever I've eaten a particularly salty meal I can definitely see the effects in my skin the day after; I get a lot more puffy, my undereye circles get darker and my complexion over all just looks a bit lackluster.

Drink More Water
I know, I know, everyone always says to drink more water and as annoying as it gets to hear that over and over again, it really is true that water is incredibly good for you (no duh it's how we stay alive). Staying hydrated is essential to having good skin because if you are dehydrated then your skin will reflect it. I personally find that my skin feels really dry and tight when I don't drink a lot of water and I can look a lot more drawn and tired as well.

Take Probiotics
I've never really been one to fall into the whole supplements hype but after watching one of Chelsea's videos in which she mentioned that probiotics had been helping her with hormonal acne (which is the kind of acne I suffer from) I was open to give it a try. I'm not exactly sure how the science behind probiotics works and how exactly they help the skin but I can say that I have noticed that I get considerably less breakouts around that time of the month.

It seems weird that your skin would somehow benefit from a mile-long run but it does and I see an improvement in the overall appearance of my skin when I am exercising regularly. Exercising isn't going to cure acne or any serious skin condition but it can help to flush out free radicals, which can have a tremendous impact on the look and feel of your skin.

What lifestyle changes help your skin?

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