MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural Revisited

MAC Mineralized Skinfinish and I go wayyyyy back, I'm talkin' a good solid 5 year relationship. However, over the past few months my beloved MSF has been a bit neglected just because I've been trying out some other bases. But a few weeks ago, during a particularly good skin phase, I decided to give my good ol' MSF another whirl and I immediately fell back in love with it, with one exception: the color. For some reason I was using light-medium, which matched good enough to not make me look like a total oompa-loompa and considering the coverage is pretty light it could easily be blended in, but seeing as we are moving into the colder months and I only seem to be getting paler (if that was even possible) I figured I'd head to MAC and pick up the next shade lighter.

I was pleasantly surprised to find when I got to the MAC counter that the MSF Naturals have gotten some swish new packaging. Even though the old packaging was nice and sleek, the one thing it lacked was a mirror, an essential in my opinion for a powder. The top has also lost the clear lid that is featured on most MAC products, which a lot of times is prone to popping out and causing some very annoying makeup bag messes.

A note on the color: even though Light looked extremely light at the MAC counter, it works perfectly for my skin and like I said before, because it is such low coverage it can be blended into the skin so it blends in seamlessly.

Have you tried the MAC MSF Naturals?

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