John Masters Organics Sea Mist | A Review

I'm all about that après-beach look when it comes to hair and I'm lucky enough to already have wavy/curly hair. That being said I still love to use products that will give my hair that extra oomph to create that über beachy look. I've tried my fair share of sea salt sprays and as with most things, some are amazing and some are just awful. Thankfully the sea salt spray offering from John Masters Organics is the former.

What I love about this sea salt spray is how simple it is: salt, water and lavender oil and that's it as far as ingredients go. There's nothing but good natural stuff in this hair product and that is very rare to find nowadays. Because all this product consists of is salt water and a bit of lavender oil, the effect that it leaves in your hair is very similar to the effect you would get as if you just left the beach. I have naturally curly/wavy hair and this stuff makes my hair look incredibly textured and beachy when I apply it to wet hair and leave it to air dry. However this spray can also be used on dry hair, which I can't do with most sea salt sprays because they make my hair way to crunchy or crispy. When I "do" my hair (which consists of making loose waves with a conical wand) I like to spray this in my hair after I'm all finished and it helps to break up the curls and make my hair look more relaxed and natural.

Another great thing about this product is the scent; if you don't normally like the smell of sea salt sprays then you will love this because it basically just smells of lavender and even that scent wears off pretty quick so you won't be left feeling like you just sprayed a load of hair perfume everywhere.

You can find John Masters Organics products in the Whole Foods beauty section and on Asos.

What are your favorite hair texturizing products?

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