An Essie Haul

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for nail polish, especially Essie nail polish as of late. I hadn't bought nail polish in quite some time though and I was getting bored of the polishes that were in my stash so I thought I'd make some additions to my collection that I've been wanting to make for awhile now. One of the shades I've been lusting after for ages now is Essie Bahama Mama, a rich plum, which screams autumn, I love that this shade is dark and rich but it isn't so dark that it looks black. Another polish that has been on my wishlist for awhile is Merino Cool, which is a medium purple-grey, very reminiscent of the infamous Sephora by OPI polish in Metro Chic, which if you were part of the blogging/youtube community around 2009 you will understand the hype. A lighter and less purple version of Merino Cool is Chinchilly, which reminds me a lot of Nails Inc Porchester Square but with a little bit less of a lavender undertone.

The final two shades are ones that I normally would not have picked up because I'm usually not a huge fan of pink nail polish but once I saw Anna wear these in a few videos I was sold. The first shade is Haute In The Heat, which is limited edition and part of the summer collection (Essie Watermelon is almost identical to it though), it is best described as a deep hot red-toned pink and even though it is bright I think it will look good in the colder months because it is a bit darker and red-toned. Last but not least is Cute As A Button, which definitely wins for having the best/cutest name, the color is pretty awesome too. It's a bright coral pink, think Essie Tart Deco just with more pink and less orange, I will definitely be wearing this a lot in the warmer months and I think it will look great on the toes!

Have you bought any new nail polishes lately?

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