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A few years ago when I was getting into makeup eyebrow products were probably the last thing on my wishlist, which is odd considering how fair my eyebrows are and how they can look downright invisible. I have come to learn that the no eyebrow look isn't always the best look, but I also have learned how to fill in my very fair eyebrows so that they don't look fake. For me the problem I have the most with my brows is the color and not so much shape. Being a redhead I find that, in general, the most natural and flattering brow color is a light/medium ashy brown and that goes hand in hand with my #1 tip for brows: NEVER (no matter how warm-toned your hair is) buy red-toned brow products, they always look fake. And that's saying something coming from someone with orange hair.

Enough with the tips and on to my favorite brow products! The first brow product that really got me into doing my brows was MAC Omega Eyeshadow, the shade is a perfect light ashy brown and it's one of the best options for all you eyebrow newbies because it is so hard to overdo and you won't end up with that very harsh penciled in look, you will need a good angled brush if your are going to go the eyeshadow route though. Another great option if you are on a budget is the Revlon Brow Fantasy (I use the shade dark blonde), on one end is a really nice pencil that isn't too soft or hard and on the other is a lightly tinted gel which is great for setting the brows in place or adding a bit of color if you're feeling a more natural brow look.

Another great option if you are beginner with brows or you have naturally good brows but just need a bit of color is using a tinted brow gel. My personal favorites when going the tinted brow gel route are the Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel and the Benefit Gimme Brow. I find that the Anastasia offering is best if you already have full brows and need to keep them in place and the Benefit option is best if you need a little bit more help in the fullness department because it contains little fibers that cling to the skin and give the effect of more brow hairs.

Last but certainly not least is the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, easily my favorite of the bunch. I've talked about this pencil a lot on the blog before so I'll be short and sweet with my overview of this product, but the long and short of it is: it's the perfect ashy blonde color for my brows, the slanted shape of the pencil makes filling in brows super quick and easy, the formula is slightly waxy so it keeps my brows from going every which way throughout the day, and the spooly on the end is seriously amazing. Phew that was seriously long winded.

What are your favorite brow products and tips?

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