Shiny Nails, Yes Please

My search for the perfect top coat is virtually unending, because I am so darn picky. I want a top coat to be quick-drying, chip-resistant, and leave a high-shine finish. While I do love Seche Vite, a cult classic, I found that it became a real pain in the ass once I got to the end of the bottle. It got incredibly gloopy and was difficult to apply to the nails. So after that experience I decided to branch out and try something new in the topcoat department, that's where the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat comes in.

I had heard a few things here and there about this topcoat, and all were generally positive and highlighted all the things I look for in a topcoat. While I don't think it is quite as quick-drying as Seche Vite, the two topcoats are for the most part the same. The Sally Hansen version leaves a beautiful glossy finish, keeps chips at bay for a good 3 days, and makes the nails dry to the touch within 2 minutes or so. As if it weren't already a good enough topcoat, it's cheaper than Seche Vite, which normally goes for around $10!

What's your favorite nail polish topcoat?

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