A Brush Rediscovery

A few weeks back I did a shopping the stash post and since then I have definitely made an effort to rediscover the products mentioned in that post. One such standout is the Sigma F40 Angled Contour Brush. Back in the day (and by that I mean about two years ago) I used this brush every day to apply blush, but once I got a hold of the MAC 129, it got put on the backburner a bit. The past week I decided to give this brush another go and all I can say is wow.

But seriously, this brush applies blush like an absolute dream, especially if it's a super pigmented one, like Tarte's Tipsy blush. Although you might expect the application to look a bit streaky considering the shape, it's not. Since the brush is so soft, the blush always looks well-blended and smooth, none of that Aunt Sally look. Besides being great for blush, this brush also does a pretty kick-ass job at applying contour, especially for those of us who aren't exactly the greatest with contour (myself included). It fits right in the hollow of the cheek, blends so you don't get an unsightly line down your face (come on we've all been there) and voi-là cheekbones!

Have you rediscovered any makeup brushes in your collection?

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