How To Get Out of A Makeup Rut

I constantly find myself in makeup ruts. You know how it is, you find a few products that you love, stick to them and then find the rest of your makeup collection feeling rather neglected (yes because makeup has feelings too). This isn't so much of a problem when you have a pretty small makeup collection, but if you're anything like me and have more makeup than one person should really have in their possession, getting caught in one of these ruts can seem like a waste of product.

Rummage Through Your Stash
The first tip that I have is to do a bit of a shopping of the stash. Every few weeks or so I like to go through my makeup drawers, run through all of the products I have and then pull out things I haven't used in a while. This really works for me because I normally have a clear acrylic makeup box on my desk with my favorite products of the moment and a lot of the times they stay in there for a while so it's good to rediscover some other products in my collection and cycle some of those products into my everyday routine.

Get Inspired
Sometimes being in a makeup rut for me isn't caused necessarily by a lack of rotation in my everyday products, but rather a lack of inspiration. I often find myself being stuck doing the same eye look or using the same lipstick, because I'm at a loss for what else to do. My two favorite places to go for inspiration are YouTube and the Hair and Beauty section on Pinterest. Sometimes you just need to see someone else doing their makeup in order to get inspiration to try something different.

Try Something New
This tip goes along somewhat with the last one, in that sometimes you just need to overhaul your makeup look. If you go into your stash and find that one bright lipstick that you have been too afraid to wear in public, just go for it! You may discover just how much you love wearing a bold lip, but you will never know unless you try it out. I have definitely found this tip to be the most effective for me, because it pushes me to try out those especially unloved products, that often times become some of my favorites.

Do you get stuck in makeup ruts? What are your tips to get out of one?

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