The Multiple Goes Matte

The latest launch from NARS is a rather exciting one if you ask me; they've brought out one of their most iconic products: the Multiple, but in matte shades! I have never owned a multiple before because they are quite shimmery (although the highlight shades look lovely) so I didn't really know what to expect with the new multiple offering.

I bought the shade Laos, which is a gorgeous rose-coral color, perfect for pretty much all seasons. The texture of this product is great, it goes onto the skin really smooth and stays relatively creamy after being applied, although it doesn't look too dewy. The pigmentation is wonderful to be for both lips and cheeks and if you want a really sheer finish you can use it with water. The lasting power is about what you'd expect with a cream blush/lipstick, as I got about 5 hours of solid wear on the cheeks and about 3 hours on the lips.

Overall I'd say that this new Multiple formulation is a real winner. The only downside is the amount of product you get, it's half of the product in original formulation but it comes in at the same cost. That being said, I have heard people complain about the amount of product that comes in the original formula, because the Multiples are generally well-pigmented you don't need to use a lot and people have complained that it's difficult to use up that much product before it dries out. So maybe it is a good thing that NARS decided to downsize on the amount of product (although it would have been nice to see a price reduction as well).

Have you tried out any of the NARS Multiples?

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