My Tips for Clarisonic Users

The Clarisonic is quite possibly one of the most coveted tools in the beauty industry and while I remained skeptical about its efficacy, after I finally got my hands on one more than a year ago, I now understand why it gets such high praise. Because I've had my Clarisonic for a while I thought I'd share with all of you my top tips for getting the best out of your Clarisonic.

1. Don't overdo it 

 A lot of people when they first get a Clarisonic (myself included) tend to get really excited about having one and then use it at every possible face-washing occasion. I did this for the first few weeks, I used it both morning and night, but eventually I cut it down to only using it at night, and now I use it every other day or so. It's important to remember that this is a treatment for your skin, and like any other serious treatment it should be used in moderation. It won't cause a lot of noticeable damage to your skin if you use it every day, but it has just as good of an effect when used in moderation. 

2. Use a very gentle cleanser

Like what I said before, using the Clarisonic is like a treatment, therefore you want to use as gentle a cleanser as you can find because really the Clarisonic is doing all the dirty work. If you, God forbid, use a scrub with a Clarisonic, you can pretty much guarantee your face will look like a tomato and your skin will get damaged. I like to use a really calming and hydrating cleanser like Purity Made Simple or Kiehl's Ultra Cleanser. *Sidenote: you should also use the sensitive brush head (the one it comes with) because you don't want to be too harsh on your skin.* 

3. Change the brush head regularly 

Like any other beauty tool, the brush head of your Clarisonic gets dirty and therefore needs to be changed regularly. I tend to change mine every 3-4 months and once I put a fresh brush head on I can instantly notice a difference. This is especially important if you have really bad acne because you don't want to keep spreading the bacteria around your face. Also make a point to really deep clean your brush head every week, again, so as to not spread any residual bacteria around your face. 

Do you have a Clarisonic? If so, got any good tips?

xx Hannah 

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