Bioderma Créaline H20⎜Is It Worth the Hype #1

There are some products that get so much hype in the beauty blogosphere that it's hard to not hear about them. The famed micellar water offering from the French pharmacy skincare brand, Bioderma, is certainly no exception. I first heard about this product a few years back while watching Lisa Eldridge's makeup removal video and ever since then it's been on my beauty wishlist. Once I finally finished all of my last makeup remover I decided it was finally time to crack and buy a bottle.

So is it worth the hype? In short, absolutely. It does a great job at removing eye and face makeup alike (it even removed waterproof mascara, not super easily though) and it feels pretty much like water on the skin. I guess I can say that I have finally jumped on the Bioderma bandwagon, and I don't see myself getting off it any time soon. If you are lucky enough to either be visiting or live in France this stuff is super easy to come buy (and it's pretty darn cheap!). But, if you, like me, live in the U.S., Amazon is the best place to buy Bioderma and mine cost about $25 for the big 500ml bottle, which is not so bad considering how much product you're getting.

Are you on the Bioderma bandwagon?

xx Hannah

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