Saying No To Eyeliner

Ever since I started wearing makeup, eyeliner has been a staple in my routine (and I'm not talking some super thick cat-eye or really black kohl on my waterline, but I would always wear a thin-ish line on along my top lashes and a bit smudged on my lower lashline). Because I have such fair eyelashes, I've always felt as though eyeliner was essential to making my lashes look darker and fuller, therefore I never went anywhere without it. Eyeliner was a kind of makeup safety blanket for me, but as of lately I've been embracing the "no-eyeliner look". 

Although I still love a bit of eyeliner to give more definition, I don't feel like I need it as much on an everyday basis. In fact, I think it looks really modern to wear eyeshadow and mascara sans eyeliner. Besides coming to like the no-eyeliner look, it also cuts down my makeup routine by a bit, which makes this sleep-deprived college student very happy. So this isn't a goodbye my old dear friend, eyeliner, it is simply a see you later. 

Have your makeup tastes changed?

xx Hannah 

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