My Foundation Philosophy

I have never been a fan of heavy coverage foundations; I don't like how they look on the skin and more importantly I hate how they feel. I am a firm believer in using the lightest coverage foundation possible and having skin look like skin. Even when I had a bad bout of cystic acne in 10th grade, I used a tinted moisturizer and then covered my spots with a really pigmented concealer. Although this method might not have given me completely flawless-looking skin, I'd rather my skin look like skin and rather than a layer of thick cakey foundation. 

That being said, I think that concealer really should be your best friend. Concealer, in my opinion, is one of the most underrated makeup products because so many people think that foundation is supposed to do all the work when it comes to covering blemishes, but really that is concealer's job, foundation is really only supposed to be used to even out the skin tone and cover minor flaws. I tend to use quite a heavily pigmented concealer, my favorite being the Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer, because you only need a tiny amount to cover a spot, using a highly pigmented concealer also reduces the chances of your concealer looking really cakey because you are using so little of it. 

What's your foundation philosophy?

xx Hannah 

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  1. I like medium to full coverage foundations but I'm trying to lean towards some lighter coverage foundations. The Revlon Nearly Naked is a good option for me but I find some issues with the lasting power of it and I just don't like powdering.
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