An Ode To MAC Patina

I remember hearing about MAC Patina eyeshadow on one of Tanya Burr's videos and on my next trip to MAC I made a point to check it out. I remember being quite confused when I first saw it in real life, the shade was a kind of gold with a grey-ish cast and I just thought to myself "this color looks awful", but when I swatched it, I finally understood why it is one of Tanya Burr's favorite eyeshadows. 

It is definitely gold but there isn't too yellow or orange in it, and it's definitely a good choice for those of you with fair skin and find golds quite hard to wear. It's quite an odd shade because, while it is gold, it also has a bit of taupe and pink in it, I know, sounds weird, but believe me it is gorgeous. Another thing I love about this shadow is how versatile it is; it's great as a wash of color over the lids for a really natural everyday look, but it is also great for special occasions, I personally wore this with a bit of Mulch in the crease for prom. I think that Patina deserves way more hype than it gets.

What's your favorite underdog eyeshadow?

xx Hannah


  1. I love MAC eyeshadows and I've really wanted to add Patina to my collection ever since I first heard Tanya Burr talking about it.. I think it would lovely with Sumptuous Olive which is one of my favourites :) x

    Rachael |

  2. Oooooh I've never thought of using those two colors together, but I'm sure they would look gorgeous together! Maybe I'll have to do a FOTD with that eyeshadow look once I try it out. :)