My Color M•A•C Eyeshadow Palette

This will be the second and final installment of my MAC eyeshadow palettes overview. I was debating putting this one off because this palette is not completely full, but I realized that I 'm not planning on buying any color MAC eyeshadows any time soon. I organize this palette a bit differently than my neutral palette because there are such a range of colors in this palette. Every column is basically a different color family (minus the purples because they take up almost two columns) and from there I organize the shades from lightest at the top the darkest on the bottom. 

First column:
Electra (frost): MAC says "silver with icy shimmer". I say "metallic silver with a blue undertone".
Copperplate (matte squared): MAC says "muted mid-tone grey". I say "matte grey-brown".

Second column:
Jest (frost): MAC says "soft peach with icy shimmer". I say "frosty peachy-pink, great all over the lid color".
Mythology (lustre): MAC says "copper". I say "rose gold color with chunky copper shimmer, I don't use this color a lot but is a nice one for the fall".

Third column:
Sumptuous Olive (veluxe pearl): MAC says "khaki with pearl". I say "great green for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the green eyeshadow waters, a nice blend of gold and olive green".
Club (satin): MAC says "red brown with green pearl". I say "MAC described it perfectly :)".
Humid (frost): MAC says "intense green with shimmer". I say "shimmery christmas tree green".

Fourth column:
Quarry (matte): MAC says "soft muted plum-brown". I say "light purple-toned brown".
Beautiful Iris (veluxe pearl): MAC says "lavender with sheen". I say "pale lavender with a slight pink duochrome". 

Fifth column:
Shale (satin): MAC says "mauve-plum with subtle shimmer". I say "soft grey-ish purple with a hint of purple shimmer".
Blackberry (matte): MAC says "muted burgundy plum-brown". I say "medium matte plum-brown, kind of a darker plummier version of quarry". 
Sketch (velvet): MAC says "burgundy with red shimmer". I say "one of my absolute favorite MAC eyeshadows, this one was actually my first MAC eyeshadow I ever owned, this is a gorgeous deep plummy burgundy with fine red shimmer". 

Like I said in my last MAC palette overview, MAC eyeshadows are totally worth looking into as there is such a range of colors and textures and I own very few shadows that I am not very fond of. MAC eyeshadows retail for $15 in the pot and $10 for the eyeshadows in pan form. Pro palettes are $8 and the 15 eyeshadow inserts are $2 so I would definitely recommend getting MAC eyeshadows in pan form and building a palette because it is a lot more cost effective!

What is your favorite colorful MAC eyeshadow?

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