You're The One That I Want #1

Because I am such a shopaholic I find myself constantly wanting to buy new things, whether they be beauty or fashion bits, and especially because fall is right around the corner more and more things have been popping up on my to-buy list. I decided that I'd make a series out of my desire for unnecessary clothes and beauty products, because 1. I'm always in need of new ideas for blog posts and 2. I'm hoping some of you will identify with my shopaholicism and I won't feel completely alone in my addiction. 

1. Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Midnight Brown - Since the day Burberry launched their makeup line about two years ago I have been lusting after their eyeshadow in Midnight Brown. Since fall is right around the corner I keep wanting to rock a warm brown smokey eye and this is definitely the eyeshadow to create that look.

2. Barbour 'Calvary' Quilted Jacket - It seems like every time fall comes around my inner equestrian comes out and I crave to wear nothing but riding boots, oxford shirts, dark pants, and structured jackets. I don't think any brand encapsulates that style better than Barbour. I think this piece is one of those items that seems like a chunk of change to spend on a jacket, it will last you forever as they are super well-made and classically designed.

3. Enzo Angiolini 'Ellerby' Boot - Speaking of the equestrian look, I saw these boots last autumn in Nordstrom and fell head over heals in love. I was (and still am) in dire need of a good pair of riding boots, and I think these strike the perfect balance between sophisticated and casual.

4. Dior Addict Lipglow - Talk about an unnecessary addition to my makeup collection. I cannot tell you how many times I have walked into Sephora and (figuratively) drooled over this little gem of a lipstick/lip balm. I'm sure I'll give into temptation at some point and give this little color-changing lip balm a whirl.

What are you lusting after for this upcoming season?

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