Rimmel Show Off (aka Apocalips) Lip Lacquers

They say that third time's the charm and that is certainly true it when it came to getting my hands on these lovely little lip products. After months of lusting after these and hearing tons of U.K bloggers talking about them I finally decided to go on the hunt and look for them. I ended up going to three different Walgreens and finally found these lovely lip lacquers at the third Walgreens sitting in a display on the top shelf of the beauty aisle. These lip lacquers are basically a cross between a lipstick and a lipgloss; they've got the pigmentation and the lasting power of a lipstick with the finish of a lipgloss. 

Big Bang

Without a doubt my favorite of the bunch, Big Bang is the perfect bright red and the pigmentation is impeccable. Some of my red lipsticks don't have the pigmentation that this lip lacquer does. If you are just going to get one of these and you like bright lip colors I would definitely recommend Big Bang!


Stellar is a super bright coral pink, again amazing pigmentation. Definitely a great color for summer.


Celestial is the color that surprised me the most. I normally don't look great with light pink lips, as they tend to make me look ashen (I'm looking at you MAC Hue), but this is an exception. This color is dark enough that it doesn't wash me out, but light enough that it still is technically a light pink. I like that this color doesn't have a lot of blue undertones, which is normally what causes me to look so ashen, rather I think the undertones lean to the mauve and rose side of the color spectrum. 

These lip lacquers retail around $5 and are only available at select Walgreens in the U.S. at the moment but hopefully they will be more widely available soon. 

Have you tried these?

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